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Wuxing district witnessed an early start of modern agriculture. Five sectors, including the turtle breeding, bamboo-shoots production, vegetable cultivating, chicken raising and flower planting, have become the major force for its agriculture. The food processing industrial park within the district has been listed as a national-level agro-products model base. A complete secondary industrial system has taken shape in Wuxing District, in which the new textiles, new building materials, metallurgical products and mechanical electronics act as the mainstay and the telecommunication equipments, the information technology and bio-pharmaceuticals serve as the supportive industries. A group of scale enterprises have emerged and played an important role in the economic development of the district. Among them, Mizuda Printing & Dyeing Group, Dongliang New Material Co., Jinzhou Oil and Gas Pipe Co., Ltd., Zhenbei Cashmere Co. Ltd., and Jiaxue Micromotor & Special Motor Group are the most outstanding ones. Their brands have won wide popularity among the customers. Over the past years, efforts have been made to boost the foreign economy. Many world famous enterprises have made investment in the district. The modern logistics has maintained a strong growth momentum. Zhili is a famous town on production of children’s clothes in China. It has taken up 25% domestic market share and has become the largest production base of children’s clothes and cotton fabric.

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