Real Estate Development Project in the eastern new zone of Huzhou City
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Wuxing District Investment Project (3)

Project Name

Real Estate Development Project

Business Type


Company Addresse

East new area of Huzhou

Legal Representative


Business Scope

Real Estate Development for Commercial Purposes

Contact Person

Cai Qunmei
Song Qinqin

Telephone No.





Project Profiles

According to the whole aim set by provincial government of provincial Party committee, allowed by provincial government, Wuxing division is responsible for the east expansion of Huzhou city. East new area is designed with the total area of 183square meters in which Balidian town covers the area of 46square meters as the center of the new area.

 The infrastructural facilities are in readiness and 70square meters residential area developing has been completed and arranged. In order to service for the dwelling houses and industry district developing, there is a piece of commerce and trade land with the area of 11.3 hectares which is used for commerce and trade comprehensive exploitation. All the developing conditions are well prepared for the prospective commerce and trade investors to come to develop and construct.

Cooperation Form

Foreign wholly owned



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Sponsor: Wuxing District People's Government