Huzhou Yiyan Mountain Wetland Resort Development
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Wuxing District Investment Project (4)

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Huzhou YiyanMountain Wetland Resort Development

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Balidian town Wuxing Huzhou

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Cai Qunmei
Song Qinqin

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Yiyan mountain wet land scenic spot is located in WuXing area BaLidian town, 10 kilometers away from the center of Huzhou. It enjoys convenient traffic with north close to Chang-Hu-Sheng canal, 318 national highway and Sheng-Su-Zhe highway, south to Sheng-Jia-Hu highway which is being built, west to Hang-Ning highway, 104 national road and Xuanhang railway.

Yiyan mountain wet land scenic spot will be fixed as the national AA level tour area, and a famous self-driving camping place in Yangtse delta. The area of this district is 3aquare meters in which water covers 1square meters. At the floor of the mountain, there is a dense network of rivers, various small islands, rich aquatic products and deep countryside atmosphere. There is also a unique forest landscape on the islands of the plain .Kaiyuan temple is also located in this mountain.

This paln fully makes use of the convenient transportation and the advantageous position near the center of the city. Backing the various wetland landscape and the abandoned mine and bricks and tiles plants, it will become a tourist area with water village sightseeing and leisure, fishing, ceramics work of art making, religion worships, car camping and so on.

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Sponsor: Wuxing District People's Government