Beverage and Dressing Production proposed by Huzhou Weiyuan Beverage and Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
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Wuxing District Investment Project (6)

Project Name

Huzhou Weiyuan Beverage and Food stuff Co., Ltd.

Business Type

Sino-foreign joint venture

Company Addresse

Balidian Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou

Legal Representative


Business Scope

Beverage and Condiment

Contact Person

Cai Qunmei
Song Qinqin

Telephone No.


Fax No.



Project Profiles

Huzhou Weiyuan Beverage and Foodstuff Ltd. is located in the food industrygardenofWuxing Huzhou, on the east side of 318 national road, and at the exit of Sheng-Su-Zhe-Wan highway. Thus it enjoys convenient transportation.

Huzhou Weiyuan Beverage and Foodstuff Ltd. is registered with the fund of 7millionUSdollars. It mainly brought in Italy ManQiNi fruit and vegetables concentrating juice production line. With the technology of Super-cold extracting technology, it processes 60000tons of carrots, 30000tons of green plums and pumpkins to producing 10000tons of juice each year. So far, It has been specialized in fruit and vegetables processing and has become the key processing enterprise ofZhejiangprovince. This company has brought in a new kind of carrot named new black field five inches, and there is a more than ten thousand Mu of producing base around Tai lake with the products viewed as natural green organic food.

In order to expand international market, make a world famous brand, this company is looking for investors in the area of agricultural products and drinking to develop the green drinking industry and gain effective economic and social effect.

Cooperation Form

Joint venture



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Sponsor: Wuxing District People's Government