Textile Project proposed by Huzhou Longchao Textile Co., Ltd.
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Wuxing District Investment Project (11)

Project Name

Huzhou Longchao Textile Co., Ltd.

Business Type

Limited Liability

Company Addresse

Donglin Town, Wuxing District,HuzhouCity

Legal Representative

Song Genquan

Business Scope


Contact Person

Cai Qunmei
Song Qinqin

Telephone No.


Fax No.




Project Profiles

Huzhou Longchao Textile Co., Ltd. is located inZhejiangprovinceTextileIndustryPark, which in Huzhou City Wuxing District Dong Lin Town. Easy for transportation, it’s at a distance of 20 kilometers To Huzhou City’s Centre urban area, 60 kilometers to Hangzhou.

Huzhou Longchao Textile Co., Ltd., as an important enterprise in Huzhou, contains textiling and dyeing, is a synthesis company. As the adjustment for industrial structure, it Has an effect to liquidize remnant assets. It has 20 thousand square meters of vacant Standard Factory Buildings. Supporting facilities are all ready such as water, electricity, gas and so on, it suitable for Textile industry’s need. Now it plans to introduce the top grade spinning and weaving experts, who can come to talk over for cooperation.

Cooperation Form

Lease or transfer of property



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