Standard Factory House Lease proposed by Zhejiang Zhongxin Wool Textile Co., Ltd.
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Wuxing District Investment Project (15)

Project Name

Hu Zhou Zhong Xin Wool Product Corporation Ltd

Business Type

Private  Joint-Stock

Company Addresse

Zhili Town Wuxing District Hu zhou City  

Legal Representative


Business Scope

Standard workshop building for renting

Contact Person

Cai Qunmei
Song Qinqin

Telephone No.


Fax No.



Project Profiles

It is located at Zhili townWuxingDistrictHuzhouCity.ZhiliTownlies inYangtze Riverdelta hinderland, along 318 national highway .It is also the point of Shensu Zhejiang Anhui express highway, Shanghai-Ningbo express highway, Shanghai-Hangzhou express highway and Hangning express highway. It is15 KMfrom Huzhou city,86 KMfrom Hangzhou,120 KMfromShanghai. This company is engaged in knitting wool fabrication, entire hair spinning yarn, spinning cashmere yarn and knitting products. The products home market occupation ratio is 30%.It has 50000 square meters of factory workshop, owns equipments fromFrance, such as 330/340 computer knitting horizontal stroke machine, needle yarn machine, produce yarn machine, etc.

Some standard workshops are for renting, total area is 6000 square meters. The supporting facilities life is produced all in readiness .The project is offered for the knitting wool continues line or brand knitwear production line.

Cooperation Form

Property right courts business



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