Textile Project proposed by Huzhou Tongyi Textile Co., Ltd.
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Wuxing District Investment Project (16)

Project Name

Huzhou Tongyi Textile Co., Ltd

Business Type

Limited Liability

Company Addresse

Zhili town, Wuxing district, Huzhou municipality

Legal Representative

Pan Yibao

Business Scope

New production line

Contact Person

Cai Qunmei
Song Qinqin

Telephone No.


Fax No.




Project Profiles

The company is located in Zhili. Zhili situated around the 318 national highway which located in Changjiang Delta Economic Zone. It is the join point of the highway such asShanghaito Suzhou, etc. It is about 15 kilometers from the downtown, 86 kilometers fromHangzhouand 120 kilometers fromShanghai.

It is a company that has 6000sq.m. workshop, a hundred million assets and more than 1000 workers. It owned 15000 sets machines. The company owns self-support imports and exports. The products base itself on Chinese market and sell well in theUSA,Italy,England,Israel,Africaand other countries. It produces many kinds of cotton such as elasticity lamp wick, common lamp wick, elasticity silk and elasticity yarn. The amount reaches 20 million meters yearly. It twains about 180-300gram/sqm after fetching in the machine. Technology and equipment are required to you.

Cooperation Form

The property and land will be transferred to the foreign investor of this project.



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