Egret Valley Eco-Tourism Resort Development Project
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Wuxing District Investment Project (17)

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Egret Valley Eco-tourism Development Project

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Miaoxi Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou

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Cai Qunmei
Song Qinqin

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Miaoxi Town of Wuxing District is located in the southwestern part ofHuzhouCity, about12 kmaway from the city center. The town covers an area of106 km2,150 kmaway fromShanghaito the east and90 kmfromHangzhouto the south. Hangzhou-Nanjing expressway and 104 national highway pass through the town. The Xuan-hang railway goes through the whole territory of the town. The 11 provincial highway passes through Miaoxi to Tianhuangping of Anji County. The ships of 500 tons can go through the waterway in the town. The location is unique. After the Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway is completed in 2007, it will only take about an hour from the project site to Shanghai and about half an hour to Hangzhou, which will completely merge into the one-hour economic circle of Shanghai.

Egret ValleyTourist Resort is located atZhaocunVillage, covering an area of8.3 km2. Geographically,ZhaocunVillageis at lower hill area and the upstream of Lujiazhuang Drainage Area, a typical river valley. The forests cover an area of 11,010 mu with a vegetation rate of 88%. There is one reservoir with a total volume of1,170,000 m3. The quality of water in the reservoir has been identified as Grade One. The water resource is rich and the water quality is favorable. And also there are many varieties of wild animals living in this area.

With the urbanization ofHuzhouMunicipality, more and more urban residents demand for returning to the nature. The egret eco-tourism resort will demonstrate a unique value for farm eco-tourism. The project will cover an area of8.3 km2. The key construction projects include:

1.    Farm’s Tourism Tourist Project

2.    Renovation of Egret Brook

3.    Natural Site for Swimming

4.    Flowers andFruitsGarden

5.    Resort Construction

6.    Camping Project

7.    Reception Center

8.    Egret Protection Project.

The whole project will be implemented in terms of three phases.

Miaoxi Townshipproposed the project in its Planning forMiaoxiTownEco-construction. The project passed the expert panel’s assessment in early 2004. In the same year, Zhejiang University Scenery and Tourism Design Institute worked out Overall Planning forHuzhouEgretValleyEco-Tourism.

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