Luyu Tea Cultural Resort Development in Huzhou Miaofeng Mountains
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Wuxing District Investment Project (25)

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Luyu Cultural Park Tourism Development

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Limited Liability

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Miaoxi Town, Wuxing, Huzhou

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Cai Qunmei
Song Qinqin

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Miaofeng Mountains is located at the Tiaoxi River Region, the main peak 281 meters above sea level. The development area is at the southern side ofMiaofengMountains, with a vegetation rate of 65%. Huzhou boasts a long tea culture and history. It is the place where the holy tea man Lu Yu wrote the first book about tea culture, and it is also the birth place of Chinese tea culture. Many stories in the history that Lu Yu made friends with the poet and monk Jiaoran and the great calligrapher Yan Zhenqing by tea have been left to today. Lu Yu was the founder of Chinese and world tea culture and influenced widely inChina,Japan,KoreaandSoutheast Asia.

Miaofeng Mountain Tourist Resort is located in the northeast of Miaoxi town, about8 kmaway from Huzhou central city. The countryside highway and provincial highway link it with the central city. It is about20 kmaway from Huzhou Taihu Lake Resort Zone, about56 kmfrom Tianhuangping, Anji county. Hangzhou-Nanjing expressway and 104 national highway bypasses the town that is only150 kmaway fromShanghaiand90 kmaway fromHangzhou. The location advantages are obvious.

There are 20 scenic spots in Miaofeng Mountain Tourist Resort. The resort will take the advantages of tea culture and Buddhist culture as main body, and is supported by natural resources of reservoir and mountain forests. The liberal culture is melted with nature and the ecological environment is favorable.

With people’s recognition for tea healthcare, drinking tea becomes popular across the world, particularly inJapan,KoreaandSoutheast Asia. These countries also have a long history that exchanged tea culture withChina. The eleventh international tea culture conference in 2008 will be held in Huzhou. This is an important event for the international tea culture. In this event the ceremony the holy tea man Lu Yu will be worshiped, andMiaofengMountainhas been recognized as the site for worshiping Lu Yu. This will offer an advantageous condition to boost the construction of Miaofeng Mountain Resort. The project includes:

1.    The Pilgrimage Site Expansion

2.    New Countryside Construction

3.    Xixian Temple Buddhist and Tea Culture Project

4.    International TeaCultureExchangeCenter

5.    Lu Yu International Tea Bar

6.    Service Facilities at the Entrance.

The project will be implemented in terms of three phases.

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