Splendid Cultures
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Wuxing District has a long history. It was once a most prosperous place in southeast China. Renowned as “the land of rich produce, the hometown of silk and the country of culture”, it is just like a shining pearl embedded in the Yangtze River Delta. As early as in The Neolithic Age, our forefathers began to settle down in this place. The silk tabby unearthed from Qianshanyang Ruins was the earliest silk fabric ever found in the world, whose history dated back to 4700 years ago. It has been founded for more than 2400 years of histories since the Monarch Chunshen of the Chu State during the Warring State Period first built Gu City here. According to the records left by Mr. Gukuang, a writer of the Tang Dynasty, Wuxing once took a leading position among all the big counties in southeast of China. Many places of interest or cultural relics are kept intact, such as Feiying Pagoda, Iron Goddess Temple, Lotus Garden, Qianye Guild, etc. Wuxing District has nurtured quite a few of talents in its history. In Three Kingdom Period, Cao Buxing, a native of Wuxing once was crowned the title of “the Father of Buddha Painting”. In Yuan Dynasty,Zhao Mengfu created a unique calligraphy style called “Zhao Ti”. Many other famous painters or calligraphers once worked and lived in Wuxing, including Wang Xizhi, Yan Zhenqing, Su Dongpo and Zheng Banqiao. It is said that half of China’s painting and calligraphy history is belong to Wuxing. It was in Wuxing that the highly respected “Tea Saint”, Lu Yu concentrated on his research of tea and wrote his masterpiece—Classic of Tea, which made a significant contribution to Chinese tea culture. In Song Dynasty, the famous educationist Hu Ai established a new educational theory named “Huxue”, which later became very popular in this area. The district has also nurtured a host of celebrities in modern times, including the famous jurist Shen Jiaben, educationist Zhu Jiaye, scientist Qian Sanqiang.

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